Full Cyrillic mat photos Help ID?

Last but certainly not least, here is a link to photos of the entire box of Cyrillic matrices. Hopefully this will be the missing piece to the puzzle. One last glance would be greatly appreciated guys. The first three photos are the three different layers; the closer shots run clockwise from top left. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Chris

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I can comment on the alphabet, but unfortunately I don’ t know about the linotype history. What you have appears to be a full set of Cyrillic characters, upper and lower case, for Russian and Ukrainian, including figures and punctuation. The set also includes letters used before the orthography reforms of 1918 which probably indicates that they were intended for use in emigre communities. Hope this is at least somewhat helpful. Best regards — Denis.

Thanks Denis, you were a great help to me. I’m glad it looks to be a set and not just an orphan box of mats. I did talk to Ed at Swamp Press and he was trying to look into the linotype history, but at first glance was unable to find referance to it but said he’d try to dig deeper. I’ll have to rattle his cage and see if he was able to find anything. I curious when they were actually made. I was hopeful someone could find some reference to them. Thanks again for your time and input. Chris