Adrian Ramos, owner 

Ramco Roller Products

Ramco has been in the roller recover business since 1983. We have always strived to help our customers with all their roller product needs.

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I have a set of Adrian’s rollers on my Kluge. Excellent product and service.

Just got my set of rollers from Ramco. I have my own cores and Adrian recovered them. And the finish product is awesome! If they are not better than new, they are as good as new. The service, let me put it this way, if they own a restaurant I don’t mind driving there for 30 miles to eat there everyday. Yes, nowadays it’s hard to find a service like that. If I own a big printing company, all my rollers will definitely go straight to Ramco. They even cleaned and polished my trucks with no charge. Thanks Adrian and Jayne. I’ll be there again soon when I got my Chandler Price. =)

Norwalk, CA

i haven’t bought from them yet but have talked on the phone, i’m in contact with a lot of printers all the time and have never heard anyone with a bad thing to say about these people, when i buy my next rollers they will be from Ramco. Dick G.

They made a set of rollers for my SP15. Terrific service, quick turn around, great price, great rollers.

Once we discovered Ramco and used them there was no turning back. Since meeting these fine folks at Ramco we have purchased 39 pair of rollers. Top notch product, better than good turn around and better than competative pricing. This translates to value for our business.
Tom & Terri

I make cores and trucks for Golding presses. Every set I have made has been sent to Adrian and Jayne with absolutely perfect results. All my own presses either have or will have rollers done by Ramco as well. I recommend them to everyone.
John Falstrom

Ramco recovered the rollers for my Vandercook 4 and Jayne and Adrian were very accommodating in terms of my need of a quick turn around. The new rollers are fantastic and make printing so much easier. I can’t say thank you enough for the wonderful customer service and quality product. Their service is above and beyond.

I’ve done a lot of business with Adrian and Jayne at Ramco over the last dozen or so years. I can’t praise them or their business highly enough. And to top it all off, they are very close friends with their primary competitor, Denny at Advanced Roller (they both speak highly of each other). How often do you see this in a dog eat dog world? With either Advanced roller or Ramco Roller, you can’t go wrong