press color

restoring a 4x6 caxton and was wondering what the original color was, under numerous coats of black there appears to be a green base coat.

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The original color was green.

thanks so much for your response. thought it might be, but it never hurts to ask.

Curious as to how this restoration went.
I have just inherited a 4x6 Caxton and would like to give restoration a shot.
Mine needs rollers and chase. All else seems to be in good working order.

Other than painting it a darker green, had to turn a new shaft, it went greatl. Mind did not have the gripper bar so I constructed a gripper assembly similar to a Kelsey, made the grippers which I also patterned after a Kelsey. I could not find a clear photo of the Caxton gripper assembly. I do have some extra chases if you’re interested.

Thanks for asking.


I saw that you were selling chases. I might be interested, but will need to wait a while. The Caxton is among a huge amount of material that I purchased as a lot. There’s a chance that I packed up the chase separately and didn’t notice. It’s going to take me at least a few months to sort everything.
What did you do about the rollers? Did you have them remade? Are you aware if they are interchangeable with any other 4x6”?

I had them re-cast at a local vendor. Don’t know where you live but it was cheaper than sending off to someone who specializes in small press rollers. They used a very soft compound that they say is as good as comp rollers. Works great. I did make the trucks, it helps to have a metal lathe. Keep us informed of your adventure.