Do I need roller bearers or new trucks or what?

Hey everyone,

So I am still in the midst of trouble shooting my press.
I finally found someone awesome who has come over and helped me fix some of the other issues with my press.

I thought I’d post my question here in case some of you may shed some light.

I have a golding pearl 7X11 chase. The rollers are new rubber rollers. The impression is awesome. I fidled around with the screws before I inked it up.

Now when i put the rollers I notice they only roll over the disc, they slide down the rails. I tried taping up the rails, but it doesnt seem to help. So would you guys suggest bearers or new trucks or what?

And do you know where I may get those items for a golding pearl? Thanks so much in advance!!!


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My own view is that bearers can be very helpful but are better used only in those specific situations where required such as on small forms to more evenly distribute roller pressure, etc. Using them all the time to correct some persistent problem is only masking a problem that should be corrected at its source. Of course, as a temporary problem-solver in a pinch, they can be helpful.

Assuming the trucks and rollers are the correct size for your press, are in good condition, and the rollers properly adjusted for height, I’d make sure the trucks and rails are free of oil and otherwise dry. Also check the roller springs to make sure none are broken or that replacements have been inserted that might be the wrong size and too weak.

Another thing to check is that the roller hooks and ends of the cores are completely clean and smooth. Also, that the cores are the correct diameter for the press. Make sure the roller hooks are not closed up too tight. If either or both of these conditions exist the hooks may be pinching the cores and preventing them from rolling. They may only be providing mild resistance that the greater friction prom the rollers contacting the plate overcomes but that the small surface area of the trucks on the rails can not overcome.

Also make sure a small drop of oil is placed where the cores contact the hooks. Check that the bodies of the hooks are clean and oiled where they go through the roller arms. They may be hanging up and therefore not providing enough pressure.

Any one of these things, any combination of them, or all of them may be the problem.


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I’ve found roller bearers to be indispensable on my 8x12 C&P OS. I use them all the time. I’ve tried taping my rails but they are almost 3 points low in places and that’s a lot of tape. Tape has to be replaced fairly often (at least in my case). With roller bearers hanging over the sides of my chase, this is no longer necessary. They are type high and will print on the edges of my tympan unless I trim the tympan back. Usually this is not a problem. I do have to watch where I place my gauge pins carefully or they’ll get smashed. Sometimes this means moving the type around in the chase to compensate.

Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them!