Adana Hot Foil System

Hi everyone,

I purchased an Adana 8x5 a while ago and use it regularly with photopolymer plates and lead type. I love printing with it, and the briar press site (and its many contributors) really helped me to teach myself how to use it.

The press came with an Adana Hot Foil system. It took me long enough to get my head around the press itself so I put the hot foil system to the side for the past year or more. But now that I’m more comfortable with the press and am achieving results, I’d love to get the hot foil system working but I’ve no idea where to begin! I’ve trawled the net for instructions of some description and come up with nothing - not even information on the machine itself. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a manual? Or does anyone know how I can get it working?

It’s an Adana AFP1 and I’ve attached pictures that I took with my phone.

Any help would be great!

image: Adana AFP1.jpg

Adana AFP1.jpg

image: Adana AFP1_2.jpg

Adana AFP1_2.jpg

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Hello Peacocks, have you tried Caslon ( yet? They might still have a manual for the hot-foil machine (which is, if I’m not mistaken an 8 x 5 in.). Another possibility is to put your request in the magazine of the British Printers Society. I went through my own brochures and manuals, but haven’t got anything on the hot-foil press.

Thanks Thomas - I checked both the Caslon site along with British Letterpress Printers, but I haven’t actually emailed them to see if they have a manual handy so I shall try that!

And yes - my press is an 8x5 so that is what the foil machine will (presumably) be compatible with.

@ peacocks

Hi there, how did you get on with the manual for the Adana 8x5 hot foil?
I’ve just bought one ( no manual - always the way) and would like a manual too.

:D. ~Sonya~

Hi there
Did either Sonya or yourself find a manual in the end? I’ve had the same Adana Hot Foil rigout sitting here for almost a year – and now that I’d like to try to use it, I’m not sure where to start!
I don’t want to ruin my lead type on the machine – can you use polymer plates instead?