Letterpress Courses, Rockley, NSW, Australia

Letterpress Printing Course 101.1.
A “trade” for the beginner or as a Refresher Course.
Demand requires us to provide this intensive, revised and updated course now all year round. Classes held for 1 to 3 students in Rockley, one of Australia’s more beautiful, historic villages.
The course, using safe hand lever presses, includes typesetting, lockup for the press, elementary colour mixing, press makeready and adjustments and 2 colour printing. This is a hands-on technical course commencing with a simple “overview” exercise, quickly leading into a “real” job.
Flywheel presses may be used for the mechanically apt, subject to accomplishing the basic course content.
Discussion and questions are encouraged and students will complete the course within 10 to 12 hours over 2 days.
Costs reflect the intensity and considerable content of the course and on completion the student will be able to print and have the foundations to explore letterpress printing with confidence. Mentoring is available to the serious, proven student. A manual of information and trade contacts is included, students keep their work and all materials are supplied. Morning and afternoon tea, with a country lunch are included in the cost.
Comments abound on this website attesting to the value of the course and satisfaction of the students. Get started now and experience the art of letterpress printing.
More information is available on Briar Press Yellow Pages and in the Letterpress button on my website, www.willamer.com.au

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