Dissembling a Peerless No.2

I’ve managed to track down an old Peerless No.2 treadle press and I’m trying to find an old manual/assembly instructions to help with maintenance and moving it to it’s new home.

If anyone could help I’d be really happy as I’m really struggling to find much information on the press.


image: Peerless No.2

Peerless No.2

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I’m not sure what a Peerless looks like, but the photo you attached looks like a Golding Pearl No 3 to me. The heart shaped treadle is pretty unique.

Ah ok, I’ve just had a look at the goldings and they do look a lot like this one. I wonder if this is a british made version of the Golding, here’s a closer picture to help.

image: P5070061.JPG


I finally found a photo of a Peerless and it does look just like a Golding Pearl. It’s just missing a drawer.