Fabricate a Chase for C&P 8x12 Old Style

Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a chase fabricated for my C&P 8x12 Old Style? The chase that I currently have is made out of a really soft metal and has cracked.

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You should try making one out of plywood, they work great. Good Luck Dick G.

You can contact several sources for chases; www.donblack.ca , eBay has a guy selling all sizes [look under letterpress chases], www.excelsiorpress.org has a new product called a “chase base” for use with Polymer Plates, eliminates the need for a traditional chase. You can also locate a local metal shop and show them what you have and get one either cast or machined. Good Luck!

I once had a chase made from sheet steel - the machine shop needed a scale drawing, with all the angles correct, etc., but if you have the old chase which fits, tell them to “make me another”. Casting is a more tedious process, and fewer places can cast in iron these days.

I think the going price for 8x12 chases is about $30., if you can find them.

Great! Thanks everyone.

What are the dimensions? I may have several at the shop.

The outside dimension is 10 1/8” x 13 3/4”. The inside dimension is 8 1/8” x 12 1/8”.


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I have several chases and other miscellaneous goods needful of printing shops. Chases are $ 20.00 per, I also have lots of roller cores and trucks for an 8x12.


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