Polar Morh paper cutter retrofit

I’m a newbie on this forum. We just bought a used Polar Morh paper cutter, it is an old stype mechanical positioning, I was told that there are companies out there that retrofit electronic positioning. Can someone direct me to who does this?

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There is a product called MicroCut. It is a retrofit spacer for your cutter. They are expensive though. About $3,500.00installed for a Junior Model the handles up to 37” cutters.

we have the Micro Cut on our Polar Mohr 28 inch cutter and it is great. Very accurate, and super versatile for a variety of programming options, way more than we need typically. You have to think about how much cutting you guys are gonna be doing. If it is a lot of cutting, it will make it worth the cost, because it is fast and accurate. but for occasional cutting, the old system is probably fine.