Old Kluge creaks and groans

Just got my old Kluge 10x15 running again and was wondering if anyone had any advice to get her running smoothly. After some cleaning and oiling, it seems there is a distinct groan during the rotation. I can’t quite place where its coming from….but possibly the right side of the press…

Any help would be great!


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When ye olde Kluge groans,
And/or it weeps or moans…
Don’t you ever cry or mope,
get out ye olde stethoscope!

Lube! There’re lots of places to oil, and they should be oiled often. If you use the press daily, lube it daily. I use Rislone (available at most auto parts stores).

Check the compression springs on the right side at the base of the press. A little oil on the shaft that goes through the springs stops the groan on my press.

Walk around the press while it’s running and watch for what moves when it groans, that’ll help you to locate the source.

And should you not have a stethoscope (as suggested by Stanislaus), use a wooden dowel, say 1/2” by 3’. Press one end of the dowel against the Kluge and the other end against your ear, being careful not to place the dowel or any appendages into moving parts!

Thanks for the info! In further diagnosing this, it seems to be coming from the air valve on the magazine… When I cover it with my finger, the press doesn’t make the noise.