Die cutting?

Hello. I just learned how to use letterpress recently. and I’ve learned it can printing, embossing, and die cutting. Die cutting is one thing that I haven’t done yet. I would like to try to die cutting on my letterpress. Does anyone know where I can find more info about die cutting? Can I make my own die cutting?

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Yes you can make your own die cut. You need to design it on the computer and turn it into a pdf or illustrator file. You just need to find a company that specialises in making them. For me, I found out through my foil supplier that Accurate Cutting in Brisbane would make my diecutting. Try asking the company that makes your embossing dies. Sometimes in the manual there is a small section on how to set up the diecut.

Die-cutting is, for the most part, quite easy. You just need to find a steel jacket for your “letterpress” (press). This steel sheet attaches to the platen to protect it from the sharp cutting die.

To get the creasing rules in your die to crease properly you’ll need to get some creasing matrix. See thread here about creasing: http://www.briarpress.org/21076

You should fine someone who knows about these things in your area and watch them.