Pearl presses need help Identifying for parts

Hello and thank you in advance for your help. We have 2 beautiful Golding Pearl Presses that we need help Identifying so we can start looking for parts for them. If you know what they are and can help us out fantastic. If you have parts for them even better.

I think the larger one is similar to the Improved pearl listed in the museum photos on this site. and i think the smaller one is a 5 or a 7.

We need treadles for both, as well as the parts that connect them up. We also need some roller trucks for them one set for each.

you can leave us a message here or you can contact us with any information at the shop 585-872-5050

Thanks again

Tony and Dave

image: IMG_4180.JPG


image: IMG_4181.JPG


image: Pearl7_2.jpg


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Hi Tony & Dave,

You can determine press by inside chase dimensions and check at The larger press looks like it is indeed a No. 11 Improved. It is difficult to see, but, I believe you need the following: platen w/bales, one or two roller hooks and springs, a means of power, either treadle assembly or motor, the delivery board and brackets, door to cubby, trucks, rollers or cores to get recovered, grippers and possibly gripper assembly. Hope you didn’t pay too much as these will add up. I have the roller hooks and springs and the delivery board brackets if you are interested. Contact offline.
The other press looks like a No. 8 Improved. It seems to need the chase, trucks, rollers or cores to recover, grippers and possible assembly, and a means to power it. From another Golding enthusiast and owner.


For rollers and trucks I would suggest you contact Tarheel Roller. And Mike Anton AKA Golding Guru casts treadles for them and also has a lot of spare parts such as feed table brackets.

Daniel Morris
The Dale Guild Type Foundry/ The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY