10x 15 Heidelberg WIndmill : feeding single business cards??

I know the 10x15 Windmill is capable of feeding single cards, but I think there’s a special side-guide extension required.
Does anybody have an extra one of these, or a good source?

I’ve got to imprint a PO Box number on cards which are already printed and trimmed… Which will allow me to avoid reprinting the whole job - not my mistake, but for good customer relations would probably have to eat the cost…

Mille grazie!


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Peter, you need cheeters also to run business cards 1 up. I will look thru my stuff, i got many parts from a windmill that was getting junked, will let you know if i find the side guide extension. Dick G.

Peter, i have an extra, if interested let me know. Bet Heidleburg would get 2 to 300 dollars for it. I’m not that greedy, maybe $30.00 and i’ll even pay postage (if you are in the US) Dick G.

Sirs, not trying to hijack the post; however my Heidelberg is deficient in a similar area, the side lay gauge itself is missing, right now it is the way I got it, a bent brass shim. This is part number T0220, T0217 & T0229 in the parts book. If a spare is available for sale, please let me know the cost, the brass shim is a frustrating assembly.

Of course I’m also missing the extension (T0278) however lightning does not strike twice.

By the way, the press is serial #14917 from 1931.

Thank you in advance,

Pygment Press

Sounds mighty fair to me!
Let me know I can paypal or send a bag of quarters, whatever you like ;-)

Many thanks!

Abag of quarters would cost too much to send, i’ll take a check, cash is risky in the mail, will need your address to send the part. Dick G.

Sorry I can’t help, but would love to know where you found the parts guide!
Is there a tech manual for the windmill which gives all the oil locations etc?
I’m still not sure I’ve found every last one - almost certainly not!!

Well, I found the parts guide, thanks to BoxCar for that ;-)
(and to Elizabeth here at Briar Press for the links!)

Still looking for the same, though, for the Miehle V36

The parts guide is handy, what would be really neat is one for the pre-war machine, they are very different.

dickg, any chance of the side lay gauge in your parts bin?



Dan, don’t think i have the side gauge, but will look. Might have the parts book for the pre-war machine, will also look for that. Dick G.

There isn’t an oiling chart or list for the windmill in existence, is there?

Hi Poppy Letterpress,
In the manual I have for lubrication of the press, it reads:
Shell-Mex & B.P Ltd: Shell Vitrea Oil 69
(now the Morlina 150)
Mobil Oil Companies: Mobil Vactra Oil Extra Heavy
Esso Petroleum Company Ltd: Esstic 65

But these are old names for the lubricating oil. I am still finding out their equivalent.

Thanks PriteePenee, but I meant a diagram showing oiling points on the press.

Poppy, that’s what I’ve been wondering as well!

DickG, thanks very much for the part AND for the cool old “Nigcht Gepoken ze fingerz” card for the WIndmill ;-)

Oh, Dan, as it turns out…
Once I received the sideguide extension from Dick, I immediately realized that I’ve had one… two… all along.
Never knew what it looked like, and the “Manual” is no help at all! So, now I have an extra, would be happy to pass it on for the same that Dick G received from me, which was $30+$5 for S&H

The one Dick sent is a straight shot from beginning to end, the ones I’ve already got have a little jog at the end, probably newer models.

Drop me a private note with your address if you still need the part!




I don’t have an oiling guide, however the pressman that owned my press had painted ALL the oil holes and on the oiling guide and color coded them (daily/weekly/monthly). I’d be happy to take photos and post them. Let me know if you are interested!