Chandler & Price LetterPress

I have a C&P Electric Letterpress that is iron, very good condition and has parts.

How do I go about finding out what tyoe press this is ?

I have photos and part #’s. I was told to look for the press type in the right hand corner of the letterpress. I only found a number that differs from apparant individual part #’s. That number is 057685.
Other part #’s are as follows:

1021, 1022, 1006A,1026A,1022A, 1079A, 5101.
The Platen appears to measure the size equal to 2 - 81/2” x 11” size sheets of paper.
It has General Electric Company Motor. The logo on the motor is obvious vintage.

It has a patent # but it hard to decyfer.

Can anyone advise me what model press this letterpress is and if it a desireable letterpress.

Is anyone interested in purchasing this letterpress ?

It is on skid already inside an empty garrage. Easily accessable and shipable, but looks very heavy as it is made of Iron and most likely gets bolted to the floor.

I am located in Louisville, Kentucky.


image: chandler and Price Letterpress.jpg

chandler and Price Letterpress.jpg

image: chandler and Price Letterpress good.jpg

chandler and Price Letterpress good.jpg

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You don’t tell us two essential things, whether the flywheel has straight spokes or curved. Also inside measurements of the chase. The part number you give is too high for a C&P, however if it might be C57685, it is a 10” x 15” New Style C&P made in 1918. If it has all the parts, runs smoothly and has no apparent break or bad welds where it may have been broken, it is a good press to buy. That size allows you to print larger forms as well as almost any small size.


You can see the straight spokes on the flywheel on the first picture which makes it a new style, not old style C&P. I don’t see the ink disc or chase in your pictures. From the size you have given it is probably not a 10x15. Most likely it is a 8x12. Hope this helps.