what press is this


anyone able to identify this press? the seller says it has ‘name on the casting is RAPID’ but I cant find any info on that kind? Any suggestions?


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It looks like it’s missing a feedboard assembly as well, although that could be it on the floor in the 2nd picture.

It seems to be identical with Tiegel-Schnellpresse Rapid 1 from A. Hogenforst, Leipzig.
Gott grüß die Kunst

Thanks for that! It seems all the manuals I find are in German. Perhaps not the best way to go… Since I cant read German…

Well, you shall not talk with the press – you shall just print on it :-)
My link is not referring to a manual, but to a sales catalogue from 1908 showing the press.
Presses from Hogenforst are very strong and of a very high quality.
Gott grüß die Kunst

Thanks Jens
you are quite right but I recon Id be talking to it! I was doing a little searching for English manuals but didn’t have much luck. Ahhh procrastination!

Hey Jans just received my copy of ‘the little book of letterpress’ CONGRATULATIONS love it!!