recommend working height for a Kesley 6x10

I recently purchased a tabletop Kesley 6x10 model X. My husband will be building a custom, work bench for me to use the press (the press will be mounted to the work bench). What are recommended work bench heights (from the floor) for this type of press? (I’m 5 ft tall) What are other features in the work bench/work area that I should consider adding?

Thanks for the input.

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I asked this question several months ago myself. I am 6 foot 2. Basically, you need to set it up on an adjustable table and get a feel of how you will be feeding and taking off pieces, it mostly a comfort zone and having the proper pressure on the down stroke. I also designed the bench to have a work surface at 39” next to me to hold stock etc. Once you get this height, design and build your bench. I used 4 x 4 legs with 2 x 4 stretchers and MDO for the top and also made a nice shelf below! Good Luck! It’s a fun project!