Roller Deglazers

Hello, very quick question. Recently our press/ink/washup supplier visited our studio and suggested we get a deglazer for our rubber rollers for both our Heidelberg & C&P. Admittedly they are all a bit shiney these days. We had never contemplated required to deglaze the rollers before, and we have been using them in their current state for many years.

The Deglazer is designed for offset so my question is - is it required for letterpress? And does it really matter if my rollers are a bit glazed?

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your rollers will get glazed after many washups, deglazing will help them . makes them like new again. i use van son rapid one step glaze remover, it smells bad but works great. Good luck Dick G.

I use Putz Palmade, just add a bead to your inked up rollers and run the press for a few minutes, it leaves a nice sheen on the rollers. I do it once a week or if I’m going from a darker to lighter color, it draws the ink out. It’s good for the rollers and helps them last longer too!


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Putz Pomade is an abrasive deglazer, and a good solution for a hard-surfaced rubber roller, whether letterpress or offset. It should be thoroughly removed after use, and should not be overdone. One AB Dick operator I heard about used it on every washup, and had ruined the rollers within a couple months, having ground down the roller ends.

Thanks all for your advice - my next question is - what happens to your rollers if you don’t deglaze them?