Vandercook 219 AB adjustable bed press

This hard working gem (a later model 219 grey, manual crank, 220 single phase motor, serial # 17,060) has served me well for 15 years, many woodcuts and posters. Bed adjusts perfectly. These are it’s issues— current feed board is a replacement and will need some slight modification to be fitted, I don’t have the side guide, the press tends to print metal and polymer type unevenly diagonally, the form rollers and roller carriage are disassembled and seem to be missing some parts. Pluses… this is an insanely awesome press for a woodcut or linoleum cut artist/printer and very powerful. Biggest plus… I’m only asking $3,000 for it, so if you are handy with tools this is a great buy. Must arrange for pick-up in Brooklyn. I can help with providing info on riggers, parts and the like. I can email photos to interested parties.

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