Best wedding gift ever.

For a wedding gift to each other, my husband and I purchased a Pearl#1. I was so overjoyed with excitement, I did not realize the ink disc had been jerry rigged by the previous owner. Thusly, the ink disc pawl is missing, too. The plate that is there now is from a different machine, but looks like it was used it to make prints at one time. Neither of us has ever used a press machine before but are crazy excited to get started on a cool project. Any direction on where to get these parts would be greatly appreciated.
We also need to get the rollers resurfaced. Recommendations? We are in South West Connecticut.

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in Lyme CT there is a man who has forgotten more about Pearl presses than i will ever know, John Falstrom, his contact info is in the yellow pages on this site. I’ve used Rollercraft in Rhode Island for rollers. There is Excelsior Press in New Jerrsey, he gives lessons and also sells supplies. In Chicopee, MA there is Letterpress Things, (John Barrett) he has a letterpress store. hope this helps, Dick G.

p and w,

Yes, as dickg says, John Falstrom in Old Lyme CT is what I call the “Golding Guru of the East” (the other Golding guru being Mike Anton). John sometimes has some parts for Goldings. Call him or check his website:

With regards to getting new rollers for Pearls, Dave Hauser at Tarheel Rollers will be able to provide you with new rubber rollers for your existing cores:

Hope this helps.


Around here John is known as the second oldest printer in New England. Dick G.