C & P pilot : Old style v. New style


I am getting ready to purchase my first tabletop letterpress. After much consideration, I and am going with a C & P Pilot. I have a question regarding OS vs. NS. I know the overall appearance of a new style is different than the old style, but aside from appearance, are there any other tangible differences to consider? I looove the look of the OS so that is what i prefer, but i am just wondering if there are differences i should know about before going one way or the other. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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I have one of each and I haven’t really noticed any difference in the operation of the press between the two. I did notice that there seems to be a difference in the length of the roller cores between the two. For example, I bought some brand new rollers with cores from one of the dealers online and it didn’t fit on one of the presses but it worked perfectly fine on the other press.


Thanks, Ted. That is good to know.

if you want…I can do a quick measure and let you know the roller core diferences. Another friend of mine had the same problem. I forget what type of Pilot she had, but the rollers with cores she bought brand new didn’t work with them. Luckily I had purchase a pair of roller cores from someone and they worked perfectly, so I sold them to her so she could get them recovered.

That would be great - many thanks!

The New Series Pilot that I have is a whole lot heavier than an Old Series. The Old Series looks cooler but I think that the New Series is the better presss because of its massive castings and overall stabiity and bulk. WIth printing presses, weight matters.