Moving a Heidelberg Press

Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone can recommend a removalist in Sydney, Australia who is familiar with moving presses. Many thanks!

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I’m located in Italy and I cannot help you but I solved simply calling some offset printers and ask for it. Ask also to company who sells presses.

Two tips about moving the Heidelberg ( I suppose a Windmill, 10x15, right?):

- you can lift it up using the 4 big holes on the base with 2 steel bars and belts

- you can lift it up too using a crowded bar removing the frontal panel with the number (1, 2, 3 etc). Under that you’ll find a hole.

In my direct experience I moved my Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 using the 4 holes with the 2 steels bar method I described above.

Another tip. WRAP IT TOTALLY before you move it. When I move my press it was a rainy day. The removalers moved it outdoors, loaded on the truck and then wrapped it. in something like 5-10 minutes started to raining a bit (I repeat, just a bit with very small drops) and unloaded it to my shop just after 40 minutes. When I unwrapped it, the droplets on the press was rust. I removed the rust easily with a rag but the oxidation signs stay still there.

Wrap it :)

And keep us updated about it!