Golding Pearl #11 Feed Board Sizes

Would someone with a Golding Pearl No 11 measure their feed boards for me? My press has the support brackets but the feed boards are missing and I’d like to make new ones.

I have some idea based on the brackets but I’d like to know the size of the original boards.


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Hi Lorene,

I have a late model No. 11 with original delivery board. Don’t know if dimensions changed over the years. It is 14- 1/4”wide by 7-3/4”deep by 5/8” thick. It has a stop that is 11-3/4”wide by 1-3/4”high by 5/16” thick. All corners are rounded. It can be seen under my roller/platen gauge ad in the classifieds. I do not have a feed board.

Thanks John!

My Pearl No. 11 still has the feed board so I thought you might like the dimensions. The delivery board is 14” wide by 8” deep by 11/16” thick. The back stop is centered on the delivery board and is 11 3/4” wide with a 7/8” reveal and 3/8” thick. The swivel is 1” high so the feed board clears the back stop. The feed board is 12” wide by 7 13/16” deep and 3/4” thick. All the corners are rounded the same as a 2” circle.
Have fun.

Perfect! Thanks Diane