H.H. Thorne Cleveland Ohio Galley Press

We have one of these at Fanshawe Pioneer Village which I plan to refurbish this winter. It needs several coats of rust removed and the felt cover to the roller needs replacing. Any suggestions as to what I can replace the roller cover with?


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Here is a different galley press, but a great restoration job,
(that’s listed for sale in the classifieds here) and probably a good reference. It looks like Rich just replaced the felt on his roller with new felt.


Are you sure the name isn’t H H Thorpe, Cleveland Ohio? Mr Thorpe was an engineer who designed several presses and modifications for inking, and many others. He eventually sold several patents to Chandler & Press, one of which was the design that became the C&P Pilot Press.


You are correct it is Thorpe. Can you give me some idea as to time line for the press?