Packing /Platen adjustment question

Hello everyone, I realize that there have been several discussions regarding packing however I have a specific situation that I need help with.

My wife and I purchased a reconditioned Excelsior 8x5 victor, and set it up for the first time tonight. We took a few blind impressions as we did not have anything in house to wash rollers and type with!

We followed general consensus and packed the press with a tympan sheet, a cutout of one side of a file folder, and two sheets of 22 lb bond. We were going to use pressboard but didn’t have any handy. We locked up the type, and pulled our first impression (“hello world” … Call me dorky!) the first impression went through the lettra 110 lb and made a pretty good impression on the tympan. Thinking that it was too deep, we removed the file folder, and we were left with tympan and 2 sheets of 22 lb bond. The next Impression was much better, however we cant help but feel that we should have more packing, and that we might be putting undue stress on the press and type. Also, what if we print to 220 lb?

At this point I am wondering if the platen needs to be adjusted. Also, I have heard it can be tricky.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks…

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Looks to me that you have to adjust your platen, before going any further. There are several leads here on Briar Press, on adjusting the platen. One of the best solutions is to lock up four characters in the corners of your forme, put your packing into place and carefully adjust your press. Good luck!

It definitely sounds like you need to adjust your platen. You could also try this:

John’s tool for adjusting the platen seems to be the best way to do this, order fast cause he sells out quickly. Dick G.