Wet Print Takeaways

Wet Print Takeaways

Visitors to the printing Works at Cobblestones Museum in Greytown New Zealand have the opportunity to print a card on an Adana 6 x 4 and a line of blocks on a Challenge roller proof press. They love their experience !
Taking away their printed effort so that it is not smudged or fingered poses a delicate handling problem.

I’ve solved it with a die cut (in my case so far, a blade knife) card carrier.

Choose a piece of card the same size in length, OR NARROWER than the one that is printed on.

2cm from each end cut a vertical slot, of say 6cms.

At each end of the slot cut a 1cm horizontal line top and bottom that cuts towards the right and left edges. It will look like this:
] [
Place a ruler or piece of reglet across the end of the 1cm leg cuts and pull the cut ] so that the flap partially stands up.

You now have a stand into which you place the printed card. The card arches, with the printed side down, and your visitor can take it away without touching it.
Your carrier card can be preprinted as a takeaway advertisement !
AH…and another use !
As a stand up counter sign. Print your message on a card and the stand card becomes the back brace.

image: Print carrier cuts.jpg

Print carrier cuts.jpg

image: Print carrier loaded.jpg

Print carrier loaded.jpg

image: Print carrier as stand up ad.jpg

Print carrier as stand up ad.jpg

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Tony King you got some great ideas, keep thinking. Dick G.

When doing printing demos, I just provide an envelope in which to stuff the piece people print. I have a fairly inexhaustible supply of window envelopes that someone gave me. Before that I tore pages out of old phone books and folded them in half and slipped the print inside.

Update 2011 of the Wet Print Takeaways. Superior to the slots are two opposing triangles cut with a chisel, > <
but now with two dies made for the purpose. The take away card is preprinted with details about the press they printed on, and the print is placed in the carrier face down so they don’t smudge it.Have issued more than 300 this year.