Germany: buying a press?

We’re probably moving from the United States to Germany in about a year. I don’t want to take my C&P 8x12 with me, so I’ll be looking for a press in Germany. All my experience is on the Chandler &Price Old Style, but I’d be delighted to learn to use another press — and I’ll have the time to do it.

How easy/hard is it to buy a press in Germany? Where should I look and what kind of press should I look for? (I don’t want a tabletop or a proof press, but anything else is fair game). I’d prefer to get one in reasonable working order.

I know these questions are pretty open-ended, but I hope someone can give me advice in this direction.


[obviously I won’t be buying anything until we get there; I just want to start the wheels turning in my mind]

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Swing a Cat any 3 ways in Germany and you find Type, complete shops and plenty of stuff for sale.

Watch Ebay,de Alte Berufe Buchdrucker und Buchbinder

Once in Germany, pay a Visit to Sellner KG, They are the Dave Churchman of Germany on stop shopping.

Thank you for the great information. This sounds so promising!

Finding windmills in Germany is very, very easy. But watch out as most of them were used only for die cut and so often rollers, roller arms or parts of the ink fountain are missing. Spare parts are easy to get although sometimes very expensive…

Where are you heading in Germany? Stop by if you’re near Frankfurt!


It sounds like I’ll have to learn a lot more about windmills (and all the parts they *should* have) before I go. What’s a good resource to begin with?

We will be near Kaiserslautern if/when we make the move, so not too far from Frankfurt!

Thanks for the great advice!

I’ll definitely miss my C&P Old Style… any idea how hard/easy it is to find something similar in Germany?

typenut, can you tell me where in Germany Sellner KG is located? My google search hasn’t brought up anything likely-looking…

Thanks all!