Studio Space Available - Portland, Oregon

UPDATE: move-in date has moved back to February, so contact me to talk about options for the space!
Greetings, I am a letterpress educator and printer in Portland Oregon, and I am planning on moving into a new studio this January. I would like to find one or two other printers or bookmakers to share the space with.
The space is 600 sqft, insulated & heated, attached to the art space Disjecta in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland. It has it’s own entrance, windows facing the max stop (very convenient), lots of parking, it’s own sink, and shared bathrooms. Depending on how you would like to share the space, and if there are only two of us or we find a third, rent could be between $100-300 including utilities (& wifi). I plan on being at the space about 30hrs a week, and would like to teach between 1-3 workshops a month. Although my main focus is on letterpress education, I think this could also be a great place to manufacture if you were in the card business, or meet with clients if you do design work.
I currently have the following equipment: a double type cabinet, a large antique guillotine paper cutter, a 10x15 C&P with treadle (might hook up the motor at some point), and a small table-top etching press. Perhaps you don’t have your own equipment, and would like to share mine? Perhaps you have a Vandercook or other press that could use a new home? Maybe you are a bookbinder, who would like to be with other book-folk? Perhaps you’ve outgrown the communal letterpress spaces in Portland, but don’t want to go it completely alone? Right now I am open to a number of sharing possibilities, so let’s get together and talk more about everything.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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image: me and the mini presses for my new business

me and the mini presses for my new business