Sign makers haven. Huge shop, presses, type, cutter, ex cond

Selling as a whole shop only. i have two showcard machines: 1- 12” x 14” & 1- 22” x 28” full sheet sign master. sign master has two sets of rolls, foot pedal, & a self turning ink plate. have 10,000+ metal type 1/4”- 3/4” (24 point - 36 point) & roughly 5,000 wood type 1&1/4”- 4” & lots of symbol block. i don’t have the book with me right now but there is all kinds of type just a few several different Gothic type, bold, old English etc.etc..all is organized in 5 draw cabinets & 3 big benches with type holders in two levels on all three benches. these are clean and ready to use. all equipment is in excellent working & physical conditions. a 24’x24” cutter, ink, rollers, thousands of stencils 2”- 12”. shelf’s of card stock of all size’s & color’s even vinyl & plastic. alots of extras to go along also. between the metal type & the 5 cabinets there is there roughly $8,000 at 1983 prices. that’s the last year of any kind of price books we have. that’s not counting the wood type. this is a sign makers haven. there nothing u can’t do with set up. it’s been covered up since my dad passed (6yrs). just sitting idle. we had these machine’s for 30 years. i use to operate the sign master at sears in 1972. like i said these have been well taken care of, everything in it’s place, & ready to work. the shop is in the basement of the house in Decatur, GA.. if any interested party or parties, u just won’t believe what all goes with this. i’ll make someone 1 hell of a deal. have a few pic’s with this ad, but have lot’s more. will furnish upon request.

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