I’m located in Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario. I’ve just purchased an Adana 5x8 and was hoping to get some info on the following:

1. Recommended paper cutters. I understand that Uline might be a good company for selection of cutters. Any recommended makes and styles? I’ll be looking to make greeting cards, invitations, coasters etc.

2. What kind of cleaning solutions might be available to me in Ontario?

3. Other than boxcar, are there any local (Ontario) companies that would produce polymer plates? It seems like an expensive option for duty + shipping to buy from the US.

Any info would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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Williamson Printing Materials in Grimsby, Ontario is the company which sells the photopolymer material to the platemakers. Google them and call. They can tell you where you can get plates in the GTA and maybe in your area as well. If you want to tell them I (Geoff Quadland) recommended that you call them, that’s OK.

I live in St. George (between Brantford and Cambridge). If I can be of further help, feel free to contact me through my email which you can get through the website here.

Regards, Geoff

Ernest Green and Son, out of Toronto, carries all Varn products, including the popular California Wash sold by NA Graphics that many letterpress printers use. You’ll also be able to get Van Son inks from them.

Thanks for the great info. I’ll be in touch with any other questions. It’s great to be a part of a letterpress community.