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Just wondering if anyone can advise me on where I can purchase letterpress paper 300gsm in Australia?

Thanks Bianca

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Hey Bianca,

I’m in WA- and its been nearly impossible over here to buy any 100% cotton (im assuming) 300gsm paper. Except for sheet by sheet from the artist supply store. In the end i’ve gone to Spicer’s commerical paper and found a couple of alternatives that aren’t too bad, and bought some watercolour paper while i figure out how to get hold of some more in Au.

Let me know if you get anywhere

Hi Bianca,
You can get Lettra via Chapel Press in Melbourne. Or you could contact Canson, they sell Velin Arches, Arches 88 and Rives cotton papers. I’d suggest getting a few sheets from an art shop to test run first to see which ones you like as they sell in bulk packs that could be expensive if you don’t like it. But citronpresse is right, you don’t have to use cotton paper to get a good result, although a heavy impression may not work well with wood fibre stock.

I have recently discovered Magnani Paper and have placed an order after receiving their samples. Superb cotton stock. Check it out at


We sell Lettra 300gsm + 600gsm, at what we believe are the most reasonable retail rates in Australia.

We also have no minimum order quantities.
or call us on (02) 8021 1286

Thanks for all of your comments! really appreciate it

Will check out all of your suggestions!

CirtonPresse- how is everything coming along with your Heidelberg?

Thanks Bianca