Has anyone ever had a problem with excelsiorpress.org such as a purchased item not delivered? I purchased an ink table and have not heard from anyone there since the check cleared the bank. I am a little concerned.

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Here we go again!
Before anybody starts suggesting or mentioning names in a negative way, better go through the law of the land.
Elizabeth, nip this one in the bud straight away, please.
William Amer, Rockley. NSW

Just exactly what is that procedure? What would you do with a company on another continent that doesn’t perform? I am curious what you think the proper remedies are.

There is a reputation for this company. Use the search function on this site to find out. Good luck!

If you read the archives regarding Excelsior, you will find a very polarized record: attackers or defenders, with little inbetween, and many of them just observers, not participants. I wonder if new buyers are lulled into a sense of safety by the .org suffix?