We have an emergency!

Running a job on our Heidelberg windmill 10x15 a minute ago, the press picked up a sheet of cardstock wrong and it got stuck against an unused part of the plate; it picked up a second sheet and I reached to turn it off, but by then the platen had closed - and stayed closed! If I try to run it, the motor simply stops, and the press doesn’t move.

Clearly it has something to do with the paper jam, but how do I fix it? I need to take care of it, fast. The jammed paper is in the bottom left corner of the platen.

If my terminology is wrong, I apologize. I’m still learning. Can anyone help?

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According to the manual, I either need to check my shearing collars or “back up” the press. Backing up the press sounds about right - should I try it?

Refer to page 109 of the manual.

Beat me to it. Yep.


Well, I fixed it, but I couldn’t find the white ring which the manual said to push on to reverse the flywheel - I had to do the alternative, which was to loosen bolts. Whatever works, I guess.

are you referring to the bolts on the back?