paper suggestions…. my envelopes are discontinued.

I have a job that I planned to use Pearl White Lettra Embassy sized envelopes on (inner and outer envelopes). Apparently when Neenah took over, they discontinued the inner Embassy sized envelopes. I can now only find at most 125 inner envelopes and need 325-350.
I can go up in size somewhat to use Arturo large inner and outer envelopes, however the color doesn’t match Lettra. I can switch from Lettra to Revere, or any of the Magnani line, but none of them have a 500-600 gsm option. I need both the heavyweight and the normal 250-330gsm weight for different pieces of this invitations suite.
I’m stuck! I’ve spent half my day online and on the phone trying to figure this out. Does anyone have any suggestions that I could check out?
thank you!!!!!

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Would it help to call Neenah Paper directly? If you are reticent about calling them just because they are a big company, I wouldn’t be. You’re the customer, and they should help. If they have discontinued what you need, maybe they can find, or they can point you toward, a distributor who still has what you need in inventory.

Their toll free number is 1-800-994-5993

Hello Jamie,

There are companies that will convert any paper to any size envelope, though the only thing I know about them is that they exist. If you Google “envelope conversion” a bunch will pop up. If there’s a huge minimum, or if there are great savings for large orders, maybe you can have a bunch made and sell what you don’t need to other printers in the same boat with the Lettra Pearl White.


I’ve been looking into that. I’ve had envelopes converted before out of Reich Savoy because they don’t offer any inner envelopes. I used Envelope Converting Systems in WA, they were great. The problem is that the adjustable dies they use only have a square flap which is too modern for this client. To get a custom die made for conversion will run $1200, then there’s the setup fee and the paper costs on top…. I may do it in the future, but right now it’s just not going to work.
I think I have her talked into using Arturo envelopes and then I’ll use Magnani Revere Suede finish for the rsvp (Arturo is too thin) and duplex it for the invitation itself. I’ve been looking for a solution for days and that seems to be the best I can do. I do have samples coming from Atlantic papers, too, but I have to make a decision tonight on this so Atlantic will have to wait for next time.
Just to get the word out there, it looks like Crane’s Royalty size has been discontinued as well. I can only get inner envelopes for that one. I have talked to both Neenah and Crane and no one has any answers as to why they were discountinued or if they will be brought back. I hope they are, so many brides just aren’t happy with the traditional 5x7 invites and double envelopes in nice paper are no where to be found for other sizes.
Thanks for the help!