8x12 C&P cam gear alignment

I am putting together a 8x12 New Series C&P and when I put the cam gear back on the shaft, must the teeth be aligned a certain way or certain spot with the large gear cam wheel so the press runs in sync? There’s no treadle, it’s powered by a motor but it has a crank shaft for treadle operation. I aligned it at random and it seems to be ok but there is a clicking sound after each rotation underneath the platen/lower feed table. Is that supposed to do that?

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If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you’ve got it right. There is no special timing mark between the small drive gear and the large gear. The timing of the press is controlled by the large gear, which has the cam follower inside. The small gear simply drives it. The clicking sound you hear is the “gate” locking the platen into place upon impression, and is absolutely normal.

Thanks! It just seemed too easy when putting the flywheel back on, you know? But if there’s no special timing it needs to adhere to, then I think I’ve got it.

Thanks for explaining the clicking sound as well.

If you do ever put a treadle on it, it helps to align the cam so it naturally starts out with the press open and the treadle just beginning to go down. It’s not necessary; just makes it a bit easier to start the press with the treadle. With a motor it makes no difference at all.

I think Dave was describing the rocker lock, the “gate” under the delivery table, that locks the rocker (and, thus, the platen) into a rigid position during impression. You may want to check that the rocker lock and the rocker are not hitting each other prematurely, but chances are the noise you hear is normal.

Thanks Arie. I never really knew what it was called; “gate” was obviously for lack of a better term.
I’ll add a suffix and affectionately call it the “rocker locker” from now on.

happycamper, there are also oil holes in the frame where the rocker lock bushings are installed, as well as in the cam follower roller on the left side, that should not be overlooked.

Excellent. I’ll check those out. Thanks again!