Cloister Light Face Casting Prospectus

The Dale Guild Type Foundry is pleased to announce the first Casting Prospectus of 2011. Starting off the new year with a Guild favorite Morris Fuller Benton’s 14pt. Cloister Light Face Roman and Italic. The Light Face design was initiated at the request of John Henry Nash for use in his unfinished bible. Like Cloister Old Style, Light Face is a reworked design derived from both the Venetian types of the 15th century, and more directly to Nicolas Jenson’s type used in Eusibius. The italic barrow’s heavily from Aldus Manutius’s italic, cut by Francis Griffo.

In addition to the 14pt. Cloister Light Face Casting Prospectus the Guild will soon have 24pt. Cloister Light Face fonts available. The fonts are 5A-15a standard American Type Founders scheme consisting of ten 6” sort lines weighing 5 lbs. The price per font will be $155.00 when put up for sale, for the next week only, until February 16th, we are offering a pre-order price of $135.00 per font.

To place an order or for more information about these offers visit our website or email us at [email protected]

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image: Cloister LF Fit.jpg

Cloister LF Fit.jpg