Adjusting the platen on a C&P Floor Model

What is the best way to adjust a platen on a C&P Floor Model press to get the most even impression?

I’ve been trying to adjust my press to get the perfect impression but every time I adjust the bolts to get the optimal impression, the press starts to make a loud banging sound when in operation. When I loosen the bolts, the sound goes away but the impression is gone.

I tried to loosen one bold at a time but when I try to make them all even the press starts to bang again.

Has anyone experienced this and if so, how did you fix it?


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when adjusting the platen on my 8x12 I noticed that if the platen was too high the ends of the gripper bar would hit the bed rails, so I adjusted it until it stopped hitting and added more packing.

John Falstrom, has a wonderful piece of equipment for adjusting the platen.
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