Where to begin?!


I am a graphic and web designer that has fallen in love with letterpress (whats not to love, right?).

i thought i would try my hand at it by doing by wedding invitations. i am looking to buy a refurbished adana 8 x 5 from caslon. is this a good press to start on? i live in australia so very few presses come up for sale unfortunately, which is why i may need to buy from caslon!

any advice on getting started would be very much appreciated!

thanks in advance!

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Have you used this press before? If you have a friend that has a press you can learn on, it might help. I was very lucky as I went to a vocational high school and one of the classes was letterpress. This was back in the mid 60’s so we still printed a lot of jobs letterpress.

The refurbished adana 8 x 5 is a good size to work with for the type of work you want to do. Before jumping into a lot of type faces and paper stock, work with one type face and one style of paper and see what works best for you.

I learn something every day, so read all books on letterpress that you can, and ask questions.