Craftsmen Victory?

Hello all!

I was wondering if you all could give me a little help. I have the opportunity to buy (what I believe is) a Craftsmen Victory press. While getting one of my presses welded, it turned out the welder had one lying around.

It runs smooth, just needs to be cleaned up. But it is missing many key parts and I don’t know how hard it would be to get them.

There’s no chase or roller hooks (but the welder says he could make them if he had the dimensions). And there’s no rollers or remnants of rollers- so no cores.

The ink disc isn’t in the best of shape either, but I don’t know it’s true condition until the rust is removed.

Pretty much, it’s in rough shape… I’m just not sure how rough of shape it is in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Craftsman is still in business in Masasachusetts, they do have some parts for some of their presses. Any roller company should be able to make new rollers for you, they have the specs for most rollers. Good Luck Dick G.

Dick G.- Thanks I’ll try to contact them once I’m sure it’s a victory … I also need to figure out how much I should offer for it… any ideas?

Milk -

What’s the chase size? I’ve done some research on these presses and may be able to dig up some info - may even have a similar one in my collection.

Craftsmen copied popular presses. Are you sure it’s a Craftsmen, or could it be an original Victor/Victory?

Ink disks were usually hardened steel and should clean up nicely with a bit of effort, some WD-40 or Prep ‘n Etch if it’s really rusty. Ussually, they’re just glopped up with decomposed roller junk. Comes off easily.

What to offer? Depends upon the size and condition. Got any photos?

- Al

I’ll check the chase size the next time I’m over there… but I’m pretty sure it’s close to 4x6…

It said Craftsmen on the side, so I assume it’s not one of the original Victor/Victory presses.

I recently cleaned up a C&P Pilot with a similar ink disc situation (which is actually the press I’m getting welded) I just am always afraid that I’m going to buy something and realize that it’s not working quite right, and it’s going to cost more to fix it.

I’ll try to get a couple photos soon!

Thanks guys,


Okay… I got a few pictures when I picked up my newly welded press.

There’s no chase, but the inside of the chase bed is 7 1/4 x 5

In the last photo, there’s a Kelsey 6x10 on the left.

image: craftsmen4.jpg


image: craftsmen3.jpg


image: craftsmen2.jpg


image: craftsmen1.jpg


Megan, you can make a chase out of plywood, i’ve used plywood that came from old die cutting dies, they work just as well as a metal chase. Good Luck Dick G.

I have a copy of an early manual for Craftsmen Machinery.
You should contact Sherwin Marks at Craftsmen Mach. Co.
SMarks (at)
Craftsmen still sells parts, though they don’t have everything available anymore.

Can anyone else confirm that this is indeed a victory press?

I contacted craftsmen, and they have parts for a few of the other presses, but not the victory…

Also, I still don’t know how much I should offer for this press in its current condition, any suggestions?