Where to buy wood veneer?

I’m looking to print wedding invitations on wood veneer, and am looking for places to buy it. So far I’ve only found Card of Wood (http://cardsofwood.myshopify.com/).

Any other suppliers out there?

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Try Lee Valley (leevalley.com).

Rockler sells veneer (rockler.com)

I’ve printed on veneer from all of the above and prefer Cards of Wood. Their veneer is made with printing in mind and is much more stable than veneer made for furniture building.

Lee valley has actual card packages for pretty cheap.

I have a band saw that mills up to 60” wide and have been experimenting with some veneer cutting lately. I don’t know how to contact you directly but I have had some excellent results. If you want to see some samples let me know.

I printed my own wedding invitations on wood veneer that I got for a local carpentry business. I purchased a 6 foot roll for around $60, cut it down into A7 sizes, rounded corners and sanded. Not ideal, but it worked and I turned out with beautiful invitations for pretty cheap.