Heidelberg Windmill 10x15: change the black tubes.

I must change the plastic tubes to my windmill. Considering I can’t find them locally, new and at a reasonable prime I’m considering the idea to use any other plastic tube.

Do you know how many bars of pressure are generated by the windmill’s piston to find the right tube?

For anyone interested in changing tubes the inner diameter of the tube must 16mm (with the caliper the diameter of the metal tubes is about 16.5mm)


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Hi Fabio,

You may find the information at http://www.briarpress.org/23657 helpful.


Thanks Paul!

I changed the air lines on both my windmills with cheap plastic hoses i bought at the hardware store. Heidleburg wanted $50.0 for just the hose that goes to the succer bar, i replaced all hoses on both windmills for less than $15.00. Good Luck Dick G.

I’m looking for automotive hoses, they are stronger and they doesn’t collapse under the vacuum.

Thank you dickg!

The vacuum on the windmill isn’t too strong, one of my windmills had garden hoses on some of the lines, my kluge still has garden hoses and it runs daily. Good Luck Dick G.

I’ve tried different hoses: braided and the automotive ones, this last seem more strong and generally are produced in black color. They are used for hot waters in the automotive field.