Letterpress things

I am thinking of taking a trip to letterpress things, has anyone been there before? Is it worth a trip to check it out?


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Absolutely. I’ve been twice. Lots of great things to buy and just root around in. Lots of basic supplies and necessities and cuts and type and borders and dingbats and type cabinets and larger bits of gear. John is extremely nice and helpful. I’d recommend it.


Have you ever seen any wood type there?

It would be best to call first to be sure he’s open, also he could tell you if there is wood type there. John Barrett is very nice and he has about everything you could possibly need for letterpress, his store is only open every other weekend so i would call to find out when he is open. Dick G.

Here are the days in March & April that Letterpress Things is scheduled to be open:
March 5th, March 19th, April 2nd, April 16th & April 30th. The hours are 9 am to 3 pm.
This is the best resource for letterpress odds and ends in this part of New England. You won’t be sorry for spending a Saturday there.
As to any wood type, John is constantly acquiring type and may have some, but you should probably call, or e-mail, him and ask; e-mail is: [email protected]
Phone is: (413) 222-9029. Check his website for latest listings: www.letterpressthings.com
Dave Greer

Their stock rotates around to anything is hard to guarantee on any one day. I bought a face of wonderful handcarved wood type from around 1840 there. Be sure to look around in corners. I was there once and hadn’t even thought about buying a large chase for an iron handpress. I had bought some stuff, paid, and was walking out and noticed a stack of large chases behind the door as I was leaving. Bought three of them.

A piece of advice. If you see something you ‘kind of’ want. Buy it.

It is a great place to see lots of different stuff.

John is a great guy.

Well worth it, even if just to meet John!