Opportunity to buy a Tabletop Letterpress

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to get some opinion on members within the community. I’m a IT Consultant by trade but I run a graphic design/screen printing company. I’m heavily involved with screen printing and own my own screen printing equipment/shop. I’ve recently got the opportunity to purchase a Kelsey 9x13 letter press from a local printing shop. The owner is closing down due to age and ill health. The press comes in with 4 chase it needs new rollers I’m wondering whats the press worth? It seems to be in decent shape and the owner will ensure it is in working order, there isn’t any rust on it. Your feedback would be much appreciate I’m looking forward to getting into letterpress.

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9x13 is a large tabletop, i had one when i was 16, it does a beautiful job on most things, i had a job once for a flier that was solid type on a 8-1/2 x 11 inch stock, to get the impression i had a friend help me jump on the handle. its a good press but the more type you try to print the more pressure you need. Good Luck Dick G.

As usual, great advice from Dickg. I have learned so much just reading his posts.

I just want to add this link just in case your interest in making a choice of letterpresses to start with

Thanks for the quick feedback guys. I think the beginning stage the most I’ll be doing with this press is business cards and possibly invitations that’s about it. I’m still wondering whats a decent price point as I’ve seen a fully restored comparable for $1,300. The printer is selling the press for $1000

Don’t know where you are located but you should check out Excelsior Press in New Jersey he has some presses for sale, if you are close to Massachusetts there is Letterpress Things, you can find there contact info in the yellow pages on this site. Dick G.

I’m in Canada. I think I’m going to give a call to don black since he’s close by