Pricing metal type

I have a batch of unused metal type from M&H that I’d like to sell, but I have no idea how to price it. I’m guessing it’s about 8-10 years old, based on what I know of the shop that I bought and when she stopped printing.

Obviously I’m not going to sell it for what M&H is charging, but what’s a fair price? 75% of current list? 50%? EBay is no help on this matter.

A list of what I have:

Bodoni Book
12 pt caps
12 pt lc
18 pt lc
24 pt lc
36 pt lc

Century Schoolbook
12 pt lc
12 pt caps
18 pt figures (0-9)

Century Expanded (ATF type)
8 pt caps

I have multiples of the Century Schoolbook 12 pt (12 packs of each).

Any help is appreciated.

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Hello jonsel,

The value of type depends on its usefulness to the particular buyer. For example, the 18-point Bodoni lowercase might be very valuable to someone who already has the same type because it would allow him to print a larger text block. But it would have very little value to someone who has no other 18-point Bodoni. You also have to consider that the lowercase-only fonts may not match or line properly with what a potential buyer already has, even if he also has M&H type. In this case they would be useless.

Since you have a good amount of the 12-point Century Schoolbook (but no figures?), someone might find that very useful, assuming it was all cast at the same time. The only problem here is that there are equal packages of upper- and lowercase. A a ratio of maybe three or four lowercase fonts to one uppercase font would be more useful for setting text since you use way more lowercase letters than uppercase ones.

I guess this is why auction sites like eBay are popular for selling type. They reach the largest pool of potential buyers and just might ferret out the one who’d pay a premium to have what you’re selling.

I’m sorry this is not more helpful.


Hello! Are you offering any of these for sale? Have you come to a decision on the pricing?

Hi gadgetgal,

Yes, I have sold a bunch of them. Contact me off-site and let me know what you’re interested in.