Save a Piece of Printing and Cultural History!

Hello from KeeganMeegan & Co.

This spring, we will be attempting the last effort to save a piece of printing and cultural history.

The plan is to save this press from an otherwise basement bound, meaningless existence or “scrap,” the worst fate by far for any press. Of the 12 x 18s, Chandler and Price only made about 350 of these between the years of 1938 and 1949. This press is over 70 years old, and very rare given there are only a handful left operating today. We believe that if given a good environment and care, the press will run for another 200+ years.

That’s where you, our friends, clients, readers, and fellow luddites come in. We are planning to raise money via Kickstarter, to fund the high rigging and transportation cost of this working piece of history. Any additional funds will go towards the rehab of the press, rollers, and incidentals key to the operation. We will bring it into our shop here in SE Portland and do our best to put it to work. Our working plan for the press is to continue to print broadsides, postcards, books, and myriads of messages for the people.

We love to restore and work on our presses so that future generations will have the opportunity to love and work on these machines.

Please spread the word and tell those that would be of interest to help fund this project and provide support in any way they can. We hope to save this press and piece of history for future generations. Thank you for your interest.

“Save the press and save the ability for artists to make the work.”

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Thank you

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