Chandler & Price?

Hello, I’m new to the world of letterpress! My partner and I have been searching for a letterpress machine for a while now and have found a Chandler and Price press fairly local. From all the letterpress machines I’ve researched about, none of them are green and the flywheel for this one is not the “s” or the straight bars (old series/new series). It runs on a motor. Do you know what model/year this is? And is it naturally green or was it painted green?

This comes with some furniture, 3 chases, quoin, fairly new rollers, and other things. What is the right price to offer? I don’t want to short the seller, but I also don’t want to over pay either. I’ve been hearing people getting their presses for about $500, however, I haven’t seen anything lower than $900 online. I mostly see them ranging between $1,200 and $1,500. I live in Southern California. Most of the machines I’ve seen are in the Midwest, the South, or the East coast. This is the only large press I’ve spotted in Southern California.

Here is a YouTube video of this machine:

Any thoughts are welcome…


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Actually, this press has guards covering the wheels and the motor drive, probably for safety standards. All of this can be taken off. Probably been painted along the way. Should be a serial number behind the chase in the upper left corner, you can research the date from there. Pretty quick little video. What is the size? Measure the inside dimensions of the chase.

Hello Leslie,

The press appears to be a Series N Chandler & Price. This was one of the last presses that C&P made. I have seen two of these and they were painted gray. The going price in the Midwest is about $1,500.00 with new rollers. I think this is a great press.

Thanks for the tips! I rarely see anyone selling their large C&P in CA (considering moving fees can cost a lot of money the further away it is) and I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity when I found this machine. :)

Dennis, I measured the inside of the chase, it’s 10 x 15.