Line-o-scribe type - was it type high?

Hi all,

Is the type sold for use with the Line-o-scribe presses type high? (or, given the adjustable nature of most of the Line-o-scribe presses, was it not 0.918”)

Also, from what I’ve seen (photos only; no proofs or handling) they are knock-offs of better known faces…or were they the real deal? e.g. they had a Futura/Spartan-ish font, a condensed gothic, a (not to my liking) script, etc.


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i think the type was type high, i had some at one time, they made a cut in the bottom of the type so it would fit into a bar that went across the press, these machines were common in department stores to print signs for the store. I used the type i had with other type in my shop with no problems. Dick G.

Thanks Dick.