Print for Profit: Adana and C&P Practical Instruction 101.2

Practical, hands-on classes designed to give students a firm understanding of letterpress printing on Adanas and the 10x15 C&P. Compare both types of presses.
Our Letterpress 101.2 course continues to develop the best in all students. No need to enrol in other expensive, drawn-out courses. Practical projects, from “order” to completion.
Typesetting by hand and Ludlow, composing, lock-up techniques, make-readies, press adjustments for variable stocks, colour mixing, “production” printing, skills in hand-feeding [for profit and safety, including hand-levering, treadling and electric motor] Serial numbering, Letterpress perforating and creasing. Understanding Type Height and its importance to the press, form rollers and print image. Learn to make-ready picture and cartoon blocks and the modern trends of deep impression and the “kiss” impression. There’s so much limited only by the student’s capacity to absorb. This is a course a how to do it, hands-on “nuts and bolts” experience. The student leaves with enthusiasm and plenty of experience to get on with the job. Bookings now being accepted for 2 or 3 day weekends and week day courses. Two students only per session. More information available on request. see website:
William Amer, Rockley NSW

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