Heidelberg Windmill: looking for “T 1202 F” replacement

do you know where can I find the replacement for the “T 1202 F”?

It’s the air mechanism on the back of the Windmill sheets feeder (page 78 of the Parts book).

Thank you,

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Hello Fabio,

You may want to specify that you are in Italy. I know lots of places in North America you could look, but the parts are expensive enough as it is so I’m guessing you don’t want to pay overseas shipping!


I have experience ordering from the USA because the prices included the shippings generally cost less than a single piece without shipping in Italy!!


I just had a great experience working with Whittenburg, inc, replacing a part of my register system. The technical staff there were able to help verify what I needed and guide me through installation once I got it. My replacement was a bit trickier than yours may be but you may need the help, and I’d recommed them. See if they have it:


Demers also seem to specialise in Heidelberg parts. I only have a scan of the parts manual and was unsure of the part I needed, and when I called them they couldn’t really tell me from my description what I needed, so I had less faith in them. http://www.demersinc.com/demers_home.html

You could also buy direct from Heidelberg, I think all new parts at Whittenburg will be Heidelberg sticker prices so you might be better off buying in Europe. The two parts I needed they had used so I got 50% off.

Good luck,


Thanks Paul!