Unusual Ludlow Mats

24 pt. Times Bold “Ludlow” mats that were made by an unknown manufacturer. They are the standard 7/8ths mats with several differences: 1) The reference marks are on both sides of the mat . 2) The reference rules do not match the Ludlow mat identifying tool. 3) There is an identifying mark on the side of the mat. And, to my knowledge the Ludlow Corporation never issued the Times (Roman) Series.

image: 2 Ludlow Mat pg.jpg

2 Ludlow Mat pg.jpg

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I’m not an authority on this, but didn’t ludlow sell to a British company shortly before they folded, maybe they were made in Britain, just a guess. I have never seen mats stamped on the bottom like that. Where’s Don Black when you need him. Dick G.

In 1942 Times Roman came to America, where it was adopted as a text face for several magazines, and from there went on to become popular for advertsing work, both as a text face and a display face. Within a few years it was cut for all the composing machines, along with bold and italics. Ludlow added Times New Roman Heavy.
Ludlow produced; Times New Roman, Times New Roman Italic and Times New Roman Bold in 6-72pt., along with Times New Roman Bold Italic in 10-72pt and Times New Roman Heavy in 18-48pt.

I have Paid Invoices for Ludlow as late as 1989 and the father turned it over to the Two boys, then they became difficult to work with. To this day they own Ludlow but do nothing with it.