partial impression

I recently bought a 3X5 kelsey on ebay. Light assembly, which I thought I did correctly but, I’m only getting a partial impression on the outside edges of the paper. Making a small note card with a name centered on tope in 48pt type. I’ve tried printing name at the top (3/4 of the word printed) then flipped the type in the chase which resulted in the top 1/4 of the name printing. I’ve also tried using heavy padding under the typan paper to try to bulk up the center. Anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong?

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could be lots of things causing this. Is your platen adjusted? How are your ink rollers, are the rollers rolling over the type or sliding, a few pictures might help to identify what’s going on. Good Luck Dick G.

Try putting a straight edge across the platen and the chase bed as either one of these may be “dished.” If it isn’t this then a trial-and-error approach might lead you to solving this problem. Look for a solution in these areas: ink, rollers, roller trucks, packing, locking-up a only a few letters in the center of the chase, chase bed seated properly in the press, press assembled correctly! Good luck!

The ink and rollers seem okay- fully inked. I’m pretty sure it is the platen. Should it be screwed in as tight as possible? Maybe maybe it is not level. I’ll try the straight edge trick and if that doesn’t work I’ll send photos. Thank you so much for the advice!

Tightening the platen screws too tight may have been the cause of this problem! One more thing: unlock the form and see that the type is “on its feet!” Might be something in your lockup?
Good luck!